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Patricia Hellman-Reid
A.R. Mantra: It’s All About the Kids.


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English Language Learners
Portable Room: 406


English language acquisition and academic success are the primary goals of the English Learning Programs. Students are educated in supportive classrooms with native English speakers. Beginning English learners receive small group instruction to enhance their language acquisition. Students have access to complete online lessons at home using Istation. They are also enrolled in AZ Reading

About Me

My passion is teaching second language learners and assisting them to acquire the English language at a level that they will be successful at in their education and future lives.  I am certified as a K-12 grade teacher in Arizona with a Reading Endorsement and a Second Language Endorsement.  I have taught students from all over the world for over 20 years.  I approach teaching each student as if they were my own child.  My Mantra is "It's all about the kids!"